Receivables Resolution Group

Providing Reliable Lender Services

At the Receivables Resolution Group, we know how sales-based companies give little attention to their backroom operations, directly impacting their receivables. This can be challenging for lenders to these business that rely on the borrower to properly service the receivables collateral.

With that, RRG can help a lender verify that the receivables collateral doesn’t have suspicious or fraudulent invoicing through our collateral monitoring services.

Why Partner With Us?

Receivables Resolution Group

Guaranteeing Asset Stability

A borrower’s receivable assets are more liquid than an inventory or real estate collateral. With that, lenders may rely on these as the primary source of warranty to secure outstanding loans.

Receivables Resolution Group

Ensuring a Borrower’s Reliability

Lenders require accurate and specific information to trust their borrowers. They want to ensure they can effectively administer the process from invoice creation to cash application.


Liquidating the Final Receivables of Bankrupt Borrowers

RRG can come in and recreate the borrowers entire receivables department to maximize the recovery of the final receivables of the company.

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