Receivables Resolution Group

Now There is an Alternative to Selling the Receivables

RRG is not a factor so you can keep a majority of your profit instead of giving it away.

If you are considering selling the receivables to a third party, before you take their token payment, please call us for a free estimate of having us manage the receivables portfolio to maximize the net proceeds to your bottom line.

So that you are aware, most debt buyers start at 50% of the gross aging and then deduct the amount of profit they want to realize from your receivables.

The net amount you could expect to receive from debt buyers could range between 10% to 30% of the gross amount owing.

Good for the debt buyer - not very good for you.

Receivables Resolution Group can come in and manage the receivables on a commission basis.

We sometimes retain the former employees of the company who have most of the customer knowledge and have worked with the company receivables daily.

In the process, we increase the net payable to you that could expect to receive - 40% to 50% to 60% or more - of the entire gross value of the receivable portfolio.

Our fee would be part of the excess money being realized from our management of the receivables on your behalf.

Receivables Resolution Group